Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stained-glass Master?

I made this!!

Hello World,
"My old friends," oh, sorry, did I just start singing in typing mode?  It's been a long couple of weeks.
I started back and the kids seemed like they had just had Halloween, not Christmas.  I know a long break can really throw kids, as well as teachers off track, but still. Now, the kids are back on track and are working hard.

I made Nemo!!!!!!!

The last two weeks we have had Jim Kaiser at the big school.  He is a professional stained-glass artist and I was thrilled to have him in Shishmaref!  I ended up falling in love with the craft and had lots of practice in the process.  I've added pictures to show what I made! :)  Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to continue to pursue this craft.

What my class made :)

The students in my class all got to cut a piece of glass and try soldering too!  It was wonderful to see how they did with that.  Here's what we ended with.

I made Nemo and the Sydney Opera House!!

I was supposed to be in Stebbins right now for inservice; many teachers dislike inservice, but I don't.  I like going to another village and seeing other people.  From Stebbins on Saturday, I was supposed to leave for Orlando.

Yes, I'm still going to Orlando!  Don't worry, that hasn't changed.  I'm getting put up at the Disney Resort and get a free ticket to Disney! :)  I will make sure to let you know how that's going as it comes.

Northern Lights window!
My new coat

Also, I have been asked what my room looks like now that I don't have such a large bed.  It doesn't look much different but I suppose it feels larger than before.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Quick Update

The new classroom :)
Okay, so I’m in the airport in Nome.  Where am I heading?  Home for break!!! Okay, not really.  I’m actually on my way back to Shishmaref.  I can’t believe it’s time to go back already.  I got to spend my break with friends and family and it was definitely needed. 

Beautiful fountain in Seattle
Before I went home for break I got to spend some time in Seattle.  I had the pleasure of seeing the Space Needle, Pike’s Market, the U-District, and other random places.  I had never been there before but I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to do so.  I just lengthened my layover and enjoyed the ride. 
First Starbucks EVER!!
When I was home I made sure to go to Culvers.  You don’t know what that is?  It’s the best fast food place ever!!  They’ve got amazing butter burgers and custard.  No, I’m not being paid to advertise for Culvers, I do that all on my own.   I also made sure to go all of the places I was craving, such as, Fuji, Perkins, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden.  Every one of these places was as good as I remembered.

Troll under the bridge, in Seattle
I mailed 3 boxes back to Shish. I recently learned that a block of cheese can be sent and will be in perfect condition as long as it’s sent in a flat rate box.  How many blocks of cheese did I send? 1?  2?  3?  Nope, I sent 6 blocks of Swiss cheese to my PO Box and it should arrive on Tuesday.  I also sent other food items I got that aren’t perishables and a bunch of my Christmas presents.

Space Needle, of couse

Now that you’ve heard my experience at home for the last few weeks, take a guess, am I ready to go back or do I want to stay in the lower 48?  I am just going to tell you because it’s going to be too difficult to come up with hints for this.  I don’t really know the answer.  I am thrilled to go back and see my kids and Sally; however, I wish Shishmaref were closer to home. 

Me and Aunt Mary, sitting on a pig, at Pike's Market
On another note, I changed my classroom around before I went home and have gotten a few things for the room to add.  The pictures randomly scattered throughout this post are of the new and improved Pre-K classroom! :)

A few of my Christmas presents - the flowers are whiteboards!

Dramatic Play and Blocks

New table set up

I brought the shape carpet back in

Sally helping me unpack. She just found her new toy mice in the catnip!

Here's a video regarding the Seattle stuff above.  This is a fish stand at Pike's Market.  Every time someone orders fish, the guy on the outside throws it to the guy on the inside.